Write one single haiku every day for a month.

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1st april :
april Fools’ Day –
Alice’s time-table tea party
In Wonderland
Salvador Dali : Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Mad Tea Party, 1969
2nd april :
April rain –
the boatman watches
a flying skylark
Kawase Hasui, 1920
A Small Boat in the Spring Rain
3rd april :
apple blossom –
the spider’s cobweb
near the window
Nicolae Grigorescu
apple blossom
4th april :
lambs in the shade –
a young shepherdess
dreaming on the grass
Nicolae Grigorescu
5th april :
cloudy day –
a hot air balloon
flying over the sea
E.W. Cocks, c.1840
The First Balloon Crossing of the English Channel
6th april :
moonlight –
a brilliant path
under the cherry blossoms
Teruhide Kato
Cherry Blossoms under the Moonlight
7th april :
Palm Sunday –
Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem
on a peaceful donkey
Giotto di Bondone, 1304-06
entry into Jerusalem
8th april :
angel of light –
rising from his coffin
Jesus resurrected
The Resurrection, 1635
9th april :
shipwreck –
a dog howls
at the roaring waves
William Turner, c.1841
Dawn after the Wreck
10th april :
cornfield –
a skylark
flies to the sun
Griff Griffiths
Descending Lark
21th april :
April evening –
shadow vanishes
in the light
Leonid Afremov
Running towards love
22th april :
earth day –
sweet memories
of the „green grass of home”
Winslow Homer
Waiting for an Answer
23th april :
sunny day–
the villagers celebrate
the coming of Spring
Theodor Aman, 1890
Hora de la Aninoasa
24th april :
spring afternoon –
golden path
in a small village
Nicolae Grigorescu, 1885-1890
Girls Spinning at the Gate
25th april :
gate to the sky –
chased away by the breeze
ragged clouds
Photo : Virginia Popescu
Blossom chestnut-trees, Ploiesti
26th april :
April rain –
blossom trees
under the misty Spring
Le Ran
Spring Rain of the River Gorge
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