Rose Garden (kikobun)

The rose is a very special flower. She is the symbol of feminity, tenderness and love. The sweet perfume closed in her petals is a call to love.
The “Romance of the Rose,” the medieval French poem and allegorical dream vision contains in fact an initiation in courteous love.
Every time I enter a rose garden I’m surrounded by love, peace and harmony.

rose garden –
the enchanted eyes
rise to the sky

Photo&Haibun : Virginia Popescu

(Claude Monet’s garden at Giverny)

Carpe rosam – Rose Garden (kikobun)


Spring Retreat 2018 „The Light Of The World” (10)

Shining in the night
a fragile cherry blossom
like a little star –
I contemplate in silence
this wonder born from darkness

Photo&Tanka : Virginia Popescu

Carpe diem – Spring Retreat 2018 „The Light Of The World” (10)

True love (haibun extreme)

On that beautiful spring day, I decided to go in the cemetery Montparnasse to see the famous sculpture of Constantin Brâncuşi, “The kiss”.
I knew the history of this sculpture: in 1910, Constantin Brâncuşi received a command for the funeral monument of a young Russian woman, Tatiana Rachewskaïa, who committed suicide for love. The next year “The Kiss” was installed on the tomb of the young woman.
Eternal kiss
immortalized in stone –
true love

Haibun : Virginia Popescu

(Constantin Brâncuşi – The Kiss – Montparnasse – Photo found on Pinterest)

Carpe diem -True love (haibun extreme)

Conquest (haibun free-style)

Every day of our life is a fight. Every day of our life is a defeat or a conquest. We fight with the difficulties of the life, but we fight with ourselves. I think the most difficult fight is the fight with our terrors, our bad temptations, our bad habits.
Every day we start to conquer unknown lands of ourselves.
Every day we are victims or conquerors.
So, let’s go to our own conquest! Let’s become our own conquerors !

A fragile boat
between sky and sea –
new horizons
Photo&Haibun : Virginia Popescu

Carpe diem – Conquest (haibun free-style)