Ball game

Our life
is like a ball game
for children –
once entered there is no escape
we have to roll until the death

Photo&Tanka : Virginia Popescu

Carpe Diem – Ball game


Umbrele timpului – Les ombres du temps

Drumul vieţii  / Le chemin de la vie


Petrecem toată viaţa prin umbre şi lumini

Nous passons toute notre vie entre lumières et ombres


Companie  / Compagnie


Mergând la pas cu umbra, mi-e drumul mai uşor

Marchant au même rythme que mon ombre, le chemin est plus facile


Mereu  aproape /  Toujours  à côté de moi 


Mereu în preajma mea, la bine şi la rău

Toujours auprès de moi, pour le meilleur et pour le pire

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Earth’s First Clay

The divine hand
giving life to the clay
created the man –
bound to the ground he had to work
on it untill his last day

Tanka : Virginia Popescu

(Michelangelo – The creation of Adam)

Carpe Diem – Earth’s First Clay

Plâns de toamnă

Vasile Voiculescu

Plâns de toamnă

Bat lung peste tara
Reci ramuri de vant
Si codrul de ceara
Miroase a sfant.

Vin zile carunte…
Spre vaile moi
Se lasa marunte
Dulci neguri de oi.

Cocoare gonace
Pe-un cer pamantiu
Spre calde conace
Aceleasi cai scriu

Si-n poala zabuna
A norilor orbi
Vazduhull aduna
Sinoade de corbi.

Dezmierzi o lumina?
Se stinge… De-acum
Ti-e mana de tina,
Obrazul de fum.


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Weekend-Meditation #7 Tan Renga Challenge „the last colorful leaves”

deep silence
the shrill of cicadas
seeps into the rocks © Matsuo Bashō

the full moon floating quietly
augments night mysteries © Virginia Popescu

Photo : Virginia Popescu


old chestnut tree –
time left deep traces
on the trunk © Virginia Popescu

soft winter breeze cherishes
the last colorful leaves © Chèvrefeuille

Photo : Virginia Popescu

Carpe Diem – Weekend-Meditation #7 Tan Renga Challenge „the last colorful leaves”

No Key

After a long travel
late in the night I arrived
in front of a black gate –
I knocked but nobody answered
and this locked door frightened me a lot

Photo&Tanka : Virginia Popescu

Carpe Diem – No Key

The seventh gate (2) – Haibun

The seventh gate

It’s a calm September twilight. I’m walking along a country road, without hurrying. A scent of ripen plums floats in the air. My look is attracted by the sunset, where I can see a wonderful show. The setting sun is leaving a golden trail behind, finished with something like a shining knot. Suddenly the words of Khayyam’s quatrain resound in my mind like a distant echo:

“Up from Earth’s Centre through the seventh Gate
I rose, and on the Throne of Saturn sate,
And many Knots unravel’d by the Road;
But not the Knot of Human Death and Fate.”

Thinking of my own life, I wonder if I’ll be able one day to unbind this mysterious knot. Who knows ?

Twilight –
in front of the sunset gate
a shining knot

Photo&Haibun : Virginia Popescu

Carpe Diem -The seventh gate (2) – Haibun