Ecrivez un haïku par jour pendant un mois
Write one single haiku every day for a month.

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2nd September :
beauty soul –
in a blouse
matisse blouse romaine
Henri Matisse :
la Blouse roumaine,1940
3rd September :
Christian symbol-
between the stag’s horns
the Holy Grail
cerf graal
Trehorenteuc’s church, Brittany
Photo : Virginia Popescu2013
4th September :
empty jug –
awoken in the night
by moonbeams
Max Weber :
Still Life with Red Bananas, 1909
5th September :
smiling painter–
so honourable leaning
upon his baton
Carolus Duran
Édouard Manet :
Carolus Duran,1876
6th September :
divine birth –
emerging from the sea
the love goddess
Sandro Botticelli :
The Birth of Venus,1483
7th September :
old beggar –
playing in the night
a weary blues
Pablo Picasso :
The Old Guitarists,1903
8th September :
sunny day –
guarding the Seine
the chalk plateaus
Photo : Virginia Popescu
11th September :
quietude –
the little boy plays
with some crumbs of bread
claude-monet-the luncheon
Claude Monet :
The luncheon – Monet’s Garden at Argenteuil, 1873
15th September :
horse racing –
a samurai
in a rice field
Crop Art –
Rice Fields of Japan
18th September :
twilight –
up on the hills
a brilliant star
Suzuki Shonen
Suzuki Shonen
Meiji period
22th September :
roaring sea –
behind the clouds
a peaceful moon
Ivan Aivazovsky
Stormy sea at night,1849
23th September :
wild forest–
only the wind caresses
the virgin flowers
forêt de Brocéliande
Photo : Virginia Popescu
24th September :
enlightement –
forehead wrinkles
in contemplation
Rembrandt :
Head of an old man,1629
25th September :
waiting for her lover
the young woman caresses
cittern’s strings
Pieter van Slingeland :
Woman with a cittern,1677
26th September :
rusty landscape –
floating on the water
a pale amber light
Frederic Edwin Church :
28th September :
autumn rain –
on her tongue
the taste of solitude
Leonid Afremov :
Autumn Rain,2008
29th September :
mysterious smile –
long thin fingers
caressing a dream
Leonardo da Vinci :
The Lady with an Ermine,1490
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