an english-romanian anthology of haiku poetry
Editura Ex Ponto – Constanţa, 2012


At the Publishing House Ex Ponto – Constanţa has recently appeared– « Solidaritate prin haiku – Haiku Solidarity », international Haiku-Haiga anthology, dedicated to 11 March 2011 Fukushima event – Japan and to 90 years of diplomatiques relationship between Romania and Japon.
Anthologist – Aurica Văceanu.
English adviser Leila Kerim.
Romanian version – Alexandra Flora Munteanu.
Japonese version by Aurelian Horaţiu Chiuzan.
Cover:  I(Tsunami in Japon); IV ( A new beginning) by Nicoleta Gaspar Gaiginschi.

This international anthology haiku – haiga, photo-haiku, drawings and watercolours is dedicated to Japonese people, who knew how to face with dignity the event of Fukushima on 11 March 2011. Also remember that this year we celebrate 90 years since the beginning of diplomatic relations Romania – Japan (1921 – 1922).
The anthology was edited as become part in educational project Interdisciplinarity ; literature and other arts approved by the Scholar Inspectorate District of Constanţa, being written in the District calendar of Educational Activities 2363 / 1, 2012, coord. Prof. dr. Anastasia Dumitru.

This anthology was born at prof. dr. docent Irina I. Kogan proposal. She is from the University of « Nayanova, Samara Russia » at the end of the haiku festival « Haiku in education », developed in Constanţa, Romania,, between 27th – 31st, May, 2011.
The preliminary talks referred to haiku, haiga or photo- haiku publications inspired by the earthquake in 11th March and its effects. We decided to publish kindergarten children, pupils, their mentors and well known authors as well.
Because such work implies a special effort especially a voluntarian one, we got a reply as a result of our announcement on line and on mail who desire to be our partner in this project: educators, teachers, pupils and writers in the country and abroad.
We decided the anthology would be bilingual: native language, English but also Romanian. The book comprises creations of the authors from 13 countries. We retained 1-3 haiku for each author and a CV of 5-6 lines. 

From the Romanians poems we mention:

Cars on the sea
and ships on othertime streets –
nightmare days

Jules Cohn Botea – Bucharest


Child on the shore
shows his hands to the sun –
day after earthquake

Marius Chelaru – Jassy


After tsunami
what is in the
sea gull cry

Şerban Codrin – Slobozia


Not a voice or sound –
but this moon path on the waves –
fishermens village

Clelia Ifrim – Bucharest – from her book – My beloved Japan


breaking the reddish waves –
far away: the peace of a cone

Anisoara Iordache – Constanţa


The dog saved –
on Fuji mountain
a new beginning

Letitia Iubu – Craiova


After earthquake
among glass shards and algaes
aquarium fish

Gabriela Genţiana Groza – Cluj-Napoca


In the same lifeboat
sharing the only bread
a Budhist and a Christian

Florentina Loredana Dalian – Slobozia


After the quake –
out of the ruins
mail box full of letters

Dan Norea – Constanţa


After tsunami
under the house eaves
again sparrows

Dumitru Radu – Bacău


Quake in Japon –
over the ruins snow
tries to cover…

Radu Patrichi – Constanţa


March –
the unknown names
are all Japonese

Eduard Ţară – Iaşi


Milenar civilization
conquered by seconds –
spring earthquake

Laura Văceanu – Constanţa


Hell on the earth –
let’s bring once more the hope
in the mourned houses

Vasile Moldovan – Bucureşti


Japon in mourn –
on the whole earth
tears, prayers

Valentin Nicoliţov – Bucureşti


Other saved children –
these first rays of sun over
the sunrise country

Constantin Stroe – Bucureşti


Sun rising –
a new-born’s cry
among the ruins

Virginia Popescu – Ploieşti


From the Frenches’ poems we mention:

Hundreds thousands missings
in NYC Haiti Sendai –
only you and me survivers

Jean Antonini – Lyon


Meditation –
blackbird ignoring
the minute of silence

Danièle Duteil


Spring eleven –
an anemone in pieces
from my haiku-book

Isabel Asunsolo


Suspended in mid-heaven
ten thousand souls
in the spring moon

Catherine Rigutto


From the others countries we mention:

here is all that it stays in us
after the shock

Diane Descôteaux – Canada


Mount Fuji
will smoke quietly
the peace pipe

Liette Janelle – Canada


The dove
already gone
makes me sad

Lise Oulette – Canada


Spiders left
sun rising remains
caught in web

Stjepan Rozic – Croaţia


Wounded birds
falling from the sky –
mourning in Japan

Evika Kraljic – Croaţia


A photo album
trapped between rubble and mud –

Claudia Brefeld, Bochum – German


People deleted
by the tsunami
anyone can stare up

Ban’ya Natsuishi – Tokyo – Japan


A lot of haiku, haiga photo-haiku, drawings and watercolours belong to the children and pupils.
It’s impressive to see so talented children and teenagers expressing their compassion toward Japan by very suggestive drawings and very open-hearted poems:

After the earthquake –
the people’s souls
are buried alive

Andreea Costandache , 14 years – Constanţa


Under the blue sky –
Japan rebirths
it is Phoenix bird

Francisca-Iolanda Iancu, 13 years – Constanţa


Tsunami –
how many butterflies
has it scattered

Ambra Muşat, 14 years – Constanţa


The anthology -« Solidaritate prin haiku – Haiku Solidarity », appeared a year after the tragic event of Fukushima remains an incontestable and strong proof of solidarity and friendship of mankind from everywhere towards Japon’s people.

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5 gânduri despre „HAIKU SOLIDARITY – SOLIDARITATE PRIN HAIKU (english version)

  1. Sincere felicitari pentru blog si pentru intreaga activitate! As dori sa stiu de unde as putea achizitiona aceasta antologie ce contine si versiunea in japoneza a haiku-urilor. Va multumesc anticipat!

  2. Multumesc pentru trecere si pentru aprecieri. Cea care s-a ocupat de aceasta antologie este d-na Laura Vaceanu, presedinta Societatii de haiku din Constanta. Volumele au fost distribuite dupa comenzi. Nu stiu daca au mai ramas exemplare disponibile. A trecut destul timp de la editare.O sa ma interesez si va anunt daca mai sunt exemplare disponibile.

  3. Va multumesc mult pentru promptitudine! Astept cu nerabdare vesti si sper totusi sa am noroc si sa mai existe un exemplar disponibil .

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