Arhive etichetă | Photo-Haiku

Meaning of life (BrunuhVille)

A fragile flower
lost in the vast azure
seems to tell us –
enjoy every moment of your life
don’t let clouds darken it

Photo&Tanka : Virginia Popescu

Carpe Diem – Meaning of life (BrunuhVille)


Wheel of Creation

Taking a rest
in the shade of the high trees
what peace of mind –
feeling a small part of the Earth
in the infinite universe

Photo&Tanka : Virginia Popescu

Carpe Diem – Wheel of Creation


Lost in the past
maybe we’ll meet again
some day in the future –
looking at this glowing sphere
we’ll see the whole of our love

Tanka : Virginia Popescu

(Image found on photobucket)

Carpe Diem – Yekaterinburg