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Dorinţa – Longing – Le désir

Adormind de armonia
Codrului bătut de gânduri,
Flori de tei deasupra noastră
Or să cadă rânduri-rânduri.


Mihai Eminescu – Dorinţa


Midst that harmony thus sleeping,
Woodland tales our thoughts enthrall,
And upon our body softly
Do the lime-trees petal fall.

Longing – English version by Corneliu M. Popescu


Endormis par l’harmonie
Du grand bois lourd de pensées,
Du tilleul, les fleurs en files
Sur nous viendront s’amasser.

Le désir – traduction – Veturia Drăgănescu-Vericeanu


Photo – Virginia Popescu


An anthology inspired on the famous « frog pond » haiku
by renown haiku poet Matsuo Bashô (1644 – 1694)


The pond at dusk –
louder and louder
frogs in concert


The pond at night
glistens in the moonlight
like a cold mirror –
a frog sets the tone followed
by all the croaking chorus


Throwing a pebble
in the quiet old pond
sound of splashing water –
lots of frogs jump suddenly
into the dark green depth

Virginia Popescu


Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

Photo : Virginia Popescu