Write one single haiku every day for a month.

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1st May :
old roots –
under the sunny leafage
fragrance of the wood
Vincent Van Gogh
Girl in White in the Woods, (1882)
2nd May :
recycling king –
French people elect
a new president
Bernard Pras
Anamorphosis Work
3rd may :
serene mother–
a sleeping angel
in the cradle of light
William-Adolphe Bouguereau
Maternal Admiration (1869)
4th may :
ruby sunset–
the flaming clouds
drown in the sea
Edvard Munch
the scream (1893)
5th may :
harmony in blue –
mirrored in the waters
hazy sunrise
Claude Monet
La Seine à Port-Villez, (1894)
6th may :
intimacy –
closer and closer
the sweet smelling flower
Salvador Dali, 1937
Metamorphosis of Narcissus
7th may :
nightmare –
out of sleeping reason
fearful monsters
John Henry Fuseli
The Nightmare, (1781)
8th may :
mountain landscape –
the painter overturns
a glass of orange juice
André Derain
Mountains at Collioure, (1905)
9th may :
Milky Way –
little Hercules nourished
with gods’ power
Jacopo Tintoretto
the origin of the Milky Way (1575-1580)
10th may :
gazing into a crystal ball
spell-bound young woman –
vanity of love
John William Waterhouse
The Crystal Ball,(1902)
11th may :
Balthazar’s Feast –
terrified eyes stare at
the justice hand
Le Festin de Balthazar,1635
12th may :
early sunrise –
facing the rock
and another day
Camille Pissarro :
Sunrise on the Sea,1883
13th may :
maid’s broken heart –
in Anne’s closed eyes
noble resignation
Edouard Cibot, 1835
Anne Boleyn à la Tour de Londres
14th may :
forester’s girl –
fresh wild strawberries
washed by the morning dew
Nicolae Tonitza, 1924
the forester’s daughter
15th may :
blossom tree –
climbing roses
to the sun
Photo : Virginia Popescu
Giverny, 2010
16th may :
frenetic dance –
drum’s rhythmic sounds
from far away
Henri Matisse :
The dance, 1909-10
17th may :
melancholic young girl –
to the voices of the wind
John William Waterhouse :
Boreas, 1903
18th may :
trompe-l’oeil –
the barlights
in the mirror
Edouard Manet, 1882
Bar at the Folies Bergères
19th may :
transparent wings
in the thrilling light –
morning tea
Delilah Smith
Morning Tea with dragonfly
20th may :
sunny beach –
all the blue sky
in the runners’ eyes
Pablo Picasso, 1922
Women Running on the Beach
21th may :
open window –
dreaming of
a long sea voyage
Henri Matisse, 1905
Open Window, Collioure
22nd may :
goose feather –
the mighty sultan defied
in an ink letter
Ilya Repin, 1878-91
Zaporozhian Cossacks of Ukraine
writing a Letter to the Turkish Sultan
23rd may :
hydrangea Hortensia –
resting in peace
in her plenitude of emptiness
Photo :
24th may :
time perspective –
the little girl of yore
in a bright dream
Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1876
La petite fille à l’arrosoir
25th may :
twilight –
her flying dreams
Elaina Wagner :
peaceful meadows
26th may :
last rain drops –
the rainbow spread
in the river
Georges Seurat, 1883
Bathing at Asnieres – Rainbow
27th may :
evening breeze –
the dragonflies wings
ripple the drowsy waters
Pat Bullen-Whatling :
Water Lilies and Dragonflies
28th may :
spiral staircase –
the enlightened philosopher
taming the darkness
Rembrandt, 1632
The Philosopher in meditation
29th may :
sweet touch kiss –
eternally burning
in inferno’s flames
Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, 1819
Gianciotto découvre Paolo et Francesca
30th may :
Absence –
that common cure
of love
Juan Bielsa
31st may :
wheatfield –
the smell of fresh bread
in the air
Claude Monet, 1881
THe wheat field
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7 gânduri despre „NAHAIWRIMO – MAY 2012

  1. Hi, Pat Bullen-Whatling here, the artist who painted ‘Water Lilies and Dragonflies’. I’d just like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to the author for choosing my work to stand amongst such greats. I realise it means little more than me standing in a bus queue with those gentlemen but even the bus queue scenario would be sooo exciting! If you’d like to see a much larger picture of this work please visit this link: and thanks again. I loved the lines about the scene and all the others too. A great page, beautiful 🙂

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