Weekend Meditation #95 Quest for a new masterpiece … sunflowers

The Sunflower
Every morning she waits for him. She has the secret feeling he is her destiny and she says to herself to be brave and raise her eyes to him. Unfortunately she is very shy. She thinks she isn’t too beautiful for him. There are so many bright and fragrant flowers in the fields. Will he deign to look at her from his blue empire?
He is the king of the heavens, with a shining gold crown of beams around his head. As for her, she is a poor flower attached to the ground.
While these thoughts go through her mind she feels a warm caress on her head and she hears a serene voice telling her :
“Beautiful flower, why don’t you raise your eyes to look at me?”
Slowly, she is raising her eyes filled with morning dew and she feels his loving look upon her face. They remain like this for a long time, getting lost one in another.
morning dew –
caressed by the first beams
the sunflower

Photo&Haibun : Virginia Popescu

Carpe diem – Weekend Meditation #95 Quest for a new masterpiece … sunflowers

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