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Weekend meditation – Poetry Archive (5) … loneliness or emptiness

Loneliness – this word reminds me the little prince that I dearly love. He feels alone and leaves his little planet in search of friends.
Arrived on the earth, he makes two friends (the fox and the author), but
finally he decides to return on his asteroid because he feels responsible for his rose. A real lesson of responsibility, I could say.
But I also remember the words of the snake :
“One can be lonely when you’re among people, too”. I think these words contain a great truth.
I often feel alone myself among people when I don’t find mutual understanding. That’s why I prefer the solitude or the refuge in literature or music. Reading a good poem or listening to a good piece of music is a real support for a lonely heart.
And to finish I give you a beautiful text from a Romanian writer:
“ Under the embers of the moon the lake is sleeping.
A white swan floats smoothly and majestically. Behind it the water shivers…
The solitary bird passes so peacefully, so quietly that a thought comes to my mind : why our souls don’ t retain the same serenity when they pass through life ?”
(Traian Demetrescu – The swan)

Solitary swan
floating soundlessly –
calm twilight


Desert park –
walking in the night
with an empty mind


Carpe diem – Poetry Archive (5) … loneliness or emptiness

Primăvara în poeme într-un vers

Înălţare / Elévation

În copacii golaşi vântul ridică seva
Dans les arbres dénudés le vent fait monter la sève



Mugur / Bourgeon

Din crisalida verde un flutur stă să zboare
Depuis une chrysalide verte un papillon s’envole


Cărarea / Le sentier

Cotind prin iarba tunsă se pierde-n primăvară
Cotoyant l’herbe tondue il se perd dans le printemps



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