Arhivă | 10/03/2019

Weekend Meditation #75 Poetry Archive (2) Honeysuckle

Oil lamp
spreading its fragrant light –
honeysuckle blossom


Wide open window
the heavy scent of honeysuckle
fills my room

Photo&Haiku : Virginia Popescu

Carpe diem – Weekend Meditation #75 Poetry Archive (2) Honeysuckle

Kumano Kodo … CD Imagination … Kumano Kodo Waterfall

Pagoda at sunset –
the deafening noise of the waterfall
covers the prayers

Haiku : Virginia Popescu

(The pagoda of Seigantoji and Nachi no Taki waterfall, in Nacho)

Carpe diem – Kumano Kodo … CD Imagination … Kumano Kodo Waterfall