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The Mystery of Leaves

“Leaves of the trees have the same life as the human beings. They are born in spring from buds such as butterflies, then they take their flight to the sun, to finally fall on the ground, being covered with snow. I have always considered the existence of leaves like a great mystery.
Every autumn, looking at the falling leaves I remember the poem of Rainer Maria Rilke ‘Autumn’. In the night, I think they fall like stars and I make a wish for every falling leaf.
But I also know “there is One who holds this falling / Infinitely softly in His hands”.

dry leaves
wrapped in a white blanket –
frost ornament

Texte&Photo : Virginia Popescu

Poets Salon: The Mystery of Leaves

Weekend Meditation #69 Returning To Now

live in the present –
from the past or the future
returning to now

live in the present
must be always in your mind –
the rest is an illusion

from the past or the future
you have nothing useful to learn –
only the present counts

returning to now
on the wings of a seagull –
live your real life

Photo&Troiku : Virginia Popescu

Carpe diem – Weekend Meditation #69 Returning To Now


Traian Demetrescu

Traian Demetrescu


Sub jeratecul lunei lacul doarme. O lebădă albă plutește molatec și maiestos. Apa se înfiorează în urma ei…
Singuratica pasere trece așa de liniștită, așa de neturburată, că mă gândesc: de ce sufletele noastre nu păstrează aceeași seninătate în trecerea lor prin viață?

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