Six Japanese Gardens by Kaija Saariaho

Monet’s garden –
listening to the birds ‘ song
from the Japanese Bridge


Photo&Haiku : Virginia Popescu

Carpe Diem – Six Japanese Gardens by Kaija Saariaho


6 gânduri despre „Six Japanese Gardens by Kaija Saariaho

  1. Awesome Monet’s Garden … beautiful photo. And that haiku is just as beautiful as the photo. This haiku resonates in a way the beauty of Monet’s Garden and that „triggered” by the music of Kaija Saariaho

  2. Thank you, Kristjaan ! You’re right. Monet’s Garden are wonderful. I’m in Normandie now, for a month. We’ll go for three days in Loire Valley, at Chambord and Blois. There are many winter festivities. I’ll take beautiful photos. For the moment I’ll make a pause, but I’ll be back, with nice photos.

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